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A leadership development track that drives your organization in the same direction.


Whether one is responsible for an entire organization, department, small team or an individual function, the same basic principles apply. Leadership isn’t exclusive for those at the top; or at any level within an organization. Leaders at all levels should take ownership of driving key expectations. Triptych is designed to involve all stakeholders in establishing the organizational vision, building alignment toward that vision and championing the execution of that vision.   

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Start Here

Triptych begins with an introductory session which builds from an exclusive profile assessment. Utilizing individual results, the session improves self-awareness in key areas that will help all leaders get better outcomes. This highly interactive and entertaining session provides a simple process that helps all participants reflect on how to approach Vision, Alignment and Execution.


Next Turn

We take the individual assessments from the Start Here program and combine them into a comparative report that will highlight the strengths and challenges of the participating team. With this comparative report, we customize a Triptych track to map the desired behaviors of your organization.


The Triptych Track

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Triptych is made up of the following six categories. Based on your organization's needs, the program can be delivered in multiple formats that include, but are not limited to, a combination of webinars, e-learning, on-site sessions and assigned on-the-job activities.


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See it.

Championing Curiosity and Courage

Understanding Your Strategic Focus

Crafting & Establishing a Clear Vision

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Own it.

Operating "Above the Line"

Getting the Right Results

Establishing Axioms of Ownership



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Converse it.

Leading Diverse Behavior Styles

DiSC 363® for Leaders

Establishing Key Expectations

Conveying “Why-What-When”

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Solve it.

Facilitating “How”

Identifying and Managing Critical Links

Moving From Comply-ment to Alignment

Conducting an Alignment Dialog


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Do it.

Driving Accountability

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Coaching for Results

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Measure it.

Inspecting What You Expect

Conducting Check-ins

Managing Unmet Expectations