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Professional Presentations Skills

Several years ago, we were in competition with two other sales training companies for a large and lucrative European training contract with Hewlett Packard (HP) The three competitors were allowed one hour each for a presentation. A “bake off” competition.

The day after the presentation, HP called to award the contract, giving their reason for the favorable choice; “You spent 55 minutes talking about HP and 5 minutes talking about yourselves. Your two competitors spent all of their hour talking about themselves!”




To learn how to design, develop and deliver winning sales presentations.


All those tasked with building and delivering a formal or semi-formal, stand-up presentation.


Customer-Focused Design

  • Knowing your audience

  • Determining objectives

  • Planning logistics

  • Avoid data dumps

Streamlined Development

  • Time-saving 7 step process

  • Confidence-building structure and flow

  • Attention-getting openings

  • Powerful closing statements

Compelling Delivery

  • Master visual, verbal and vocal aspects of communication

  • Lead productive Question and Answer sessions (Q&A)

  • Manage nervousness

  • Respond competently to challenges and sales objections.


  • Prework in design phase

  • 8 or 12 classroom hours in modules

  • Video and feedback of practice exercises

  • Learning by Doing!

NOTE: This is not a PowerPoint software class however you will receive instruction on how to use visual aids including slides, handouts, props etc. to best advantage. 

By strict definition a slideshow is not a presentation.  Slide decks are visual aids which can support your presentation, not BE the presentation unless it is for archiving purposes or remote viewing.