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Building Productive Workplace Relationships

Team working at it’s best! It only takes one person to make a difference to the company atmosphere and productivity and that person could be YOU!

No one comes to work planning on ruining your day. Sometimes simply understanding your colleagues’ behavior style traits can solve personnel, communication and team working problems and challenges.


Improve communication, gain more job satisfaction and be more productive by learning how to read and respond effectively to other's behavior styles.

Become a better team player and team leader


Anyone who interacts with other humans in the workplace.


  1. Know yourself
    Receive specific and balanced feedback on the potential effects of your communication and behavior style.
  2. People-Reading
    Become proficient in recognizing others’ behavior style tendencies and be able to predict their reactions to communication and actions.
  3. Adapting
    Make slight adjustments in what you say and do to quickly get your team mates, colleagues and managers on the same page with you. Foster collaborative relationships. Handle “difficult”people.

The Training

  • Pre-work completing an online behavior styles questionnaire
  • Highly Interactive methodology
  • Content rich video examples
  • 6 Classroom hours