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Customer Focused Selling

In the realm of buyer-seller relationships, more has changed in the last ten years than in the previous one hundred.  Information about products and services is readily available on the internet, so who needs a salesperson or “middle man” to facilitate a purchase? 




To add value to the buying experience by earning the right to be seen as a Trusted Advisor.  


Anyone in sales – from those new to the selling role to experienced salespeople.


1. Added Value Selling

  • Build higher perceptions of value
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Unique selling points and value statements

2. Initiating Business Relationships

  • Contacting and Connecting 
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Set solid appointments

3. Active Listening

  • Overcome three barriers to listening
  • Qualify account potential, authority and resources
  • Employ questioning strategies to build customer interest

4. Needs Based Selling

  • Gaining attention and interest
  • Engaging with benefits
  • Closing confidently

5. Handling Objections

  • Respond to disinterest
  • Resolve doubt and misunderstandings
  • Outweigh customer dislikes


  • 20 classroom hours in 4-hour modules
  • Highly interactive methodology
  • Pre-work generating value statements
  • Customized content including workbook and job aids

This content and timing of this course will be tailored to support company strategies and initiatives in the development of new business and building better relationships with existing clients.


  • improving communication and relationships
  • conducting more productive sales conversations
  • ensuring clear complete and mutual understanding
  • enhancing sales staff and customer motivation