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Initiating Business Relationships

Most salespeople cannot afford the luxury of relying on marketing to make the phone ring or expecting a mass email blast to generate enough leads to keep them busy and productive.




To take a proactive and prospect-focused approach to new business development. Learn what works in approaching new business prospects by phone, customized email, text or in-person. 


Anyone who is tasked with seeking and making contacts with new business prospects or expanding contacts within existing accounts.


  • Understanding the importance and process of pre-call planning
  • Gaining attention and interest with custom, industry, company or customer-related communications
  • Creating high Perceptions of Value
  • Maximizing productivity through personal and team organization
  • Responding professionally to disinterest, doubt, misunderstandings and dislikes
  • Using metrics for motivation


  • Highly interactive methodology
  • One classroom day
  • Prework doing online research and building prospect lists
  • Optional live outbound calling practice
Cold Calling is dead. Warm calling is alive and well…. if done right!