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Adapting to Buying Styles

According to recent research, the biggest complaint of customers about business to business sales people is “failure to follow my buying process.”




To accelerate the establishment of trust and rapport. Know Yourself. Read other. Adapt.


Anyone in a direct selling role and those on the team who support and/or manage the effort.


  • Your Selling Style.  You will look at your own natural tendencies and recognize the effect of your style on your customers and prospective customers.
  • People Reading.  You will learn how to recognize the behavior and buying styles of your customers and how to predict attitudes and reactions to your communications and sales approach.
  • Adapting to Buying Styles. Use language and actions designed to increase customer motivation.


  • Highly interactive methodology
  • Content rich video examples
  • Pre-work to complete an online questionnaire
  • One classroom day
  • Everything DiSC Sales personal profile provided
  • Unlimited individual prospect and specific customer interaction tip sheets online
Oh would some Power give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.”
— Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet