Strategic Account Planning

Secure the business, not just the next sale. Thinking strategically and going beyond price as the only differentiator will set you apart from the competition by becoming your customer’s trusted advisor and strategic partner, not simply a vendor.




  • Enable account managers to answer three important questions:

  • Where do I currently stand?

  • Where do I want to go? (What are my goals for this customer relationship?)

  • How will I get there?


 Salespeople, account managers and customer account support personnel.


The Big Picture

  • Market conditions and company responses

  • Paths to market leadership

  • Priorities of business needs

Who’s Who?

  • Determine current relationships

  • Recognize personal needs and buying styles

  • Identify decision roles and buying process

What’s What?

  • Analyze factors working for and against you

  • Conduct competitor analyses

  • Develop strategic overviews

The Plan

  • Build step by step plans

  • Enroll your management and account team

  • Set SMART goals


  • Prework choosing account(s) to focus on

  • Prework completing online selling style profile questionnaire

  • 16 classroom hours

  • Account team participation

  • Highly Interactive methodology

  • DiSC Selling Styles assessment

  • Follow Up with unlimited online tip sheets for individual account contacts